The Madison City Commission has approved a proposal for an engineering firm to do a drainage analysis on a portion of a city street.  Commissioners on Monday approved a proposal from Houston Engineering, Incorporated to do the drainage analysis on 9th Street from Park Creek to Highland Avenue. 

Commissioners first discussed the proposal in March, but decided to delay action on it for three months.  

Commissioner Bob Thill questioned the need for the city to hire an outside engineering firm to do this type of work.  

Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said that he thinks it’s okay for the city to hire outside professional engineering firms when needed.

The cost of Houston Engineering’s proposal is 75-hundred dollars.  City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers said that City Engineer Chad Comes had recommended that the funding be split between the city’s water, sanitary sewer, and general funds.  Commissioners approved the proposal including the funding split on a 3-2 vote, with Commissioner Thill and Mayor Marshall Dennert voting against it.