The Madison City Commission has approved additional funding for turn lanes to be put in east of Madison on Highway 34 near the Lakeview Industrial Park.  Last summer, commissioners approved 170-thousand dollars for the project, but Lake Area Improvement Corporation Executive Director Eric Fosheim told commissioners Monday that he underestimated what the total cost would be.

Fosheim said that the actual cost of the two turn lanes would be around 220-thousand dollars, so he asked the commission for an additional 50-thousand dollars from what was approved for the project last summer.  He said that the LAIC could pay for the design fees, which could be up to 19-thousand dollars.  

Fosheim told commissioners that the city will re-coup some of its investment in tax dollars from the new Runnings store that will be located there. 

Commissioners approved the additional funding for the turn lanes, with the money to come from the city’s street maintenance fund.