The City of Madison is not making any additional recommendations for people or businesses at this time after a positive COVID-19 case has been identified in Lake County.  Mayor Marshall Dennert issued a statement Thursday saying that the city will continue to follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations, including encouraging non-essential businesses to continue to not have more than ten people in their place of business at one time.  Dennert also encourages everyone to continue to practice social distancing of six feet, to wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their faces. He says that he is working with the city commissioners, along with mayors in other communities regarding any changes in how the city is handling this situation.  Dennert also encourages residents to continue with social distancing, even with the Easter holiday coming up next week, and use their best judgement if planning any family events.

The mayor also reminds Madison residents that they should stay away from public outdoor places such as parks and basketball courts.  

He says that he knows “how strong and how helpful our community is and we can get through this together”.

As far as Lake County, Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust says that county offices remain closed to the public unless an appointment is made, which is part of what the county’s operation plan has been since last week.  She says that county offices have been given the discretion to utilize different public employee arrangements, from working remotely to adjusting hours and alternating shifts. Gust says that each county office is different and unique in what they are able to do and are adjusting accordingly.  

Gust says the county continues to monitor everything daily and she is in regular contact with Commissioners Kelli Wollmann and Aaron Johnson, as well as the county’s department heads, to determine if any additional adjustments need to be made. 

Madison Mayor Marshall Dennert news release – April 2nd, 2020

City of Madison COVID-19 information

Lake County COVID-19 plan