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City agrees to assist FEMA’s grant program participants

Madison city property owners who are participating in FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program have requested some assistance from the city in helping meet their portion of the costs associated with the relocation or termination of their residences.  Twelve applicants have been approved for the program, and Mayor Marshall Dennert said that six of those applicants have moved forward so far in the process.  Dennert told Madison City Commissioners during their meeting Monday that he suggested helping the participants out with some of the fees associated with their projects.

FEMA will cover 75-percent of the cost of the projects, the state will cover ten-percent, and the participants are responsible for the remaining 15-percent.   

FEMA recently announced that the City of Madison will receive just more than one-point-one-million dollars for the purchase of the twelve flood-prone properties and their removal from the floodplain.  These funds can be used for the purchase and demolition of structures and the cost of returning the property to green space.  Mayor Dennert said that the city needs to have the projects done within three years. 

Commissioners approved Dennert’s recommendation of waiving the demolition and excavation permit fees for the program participants.  


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