Casey Crabtree proposals

Casey Crabtree started off the second week of the legislative session by sending out a letter addressing two new proposals. 


One of the proposals being SB 78 which is aimed at propping up South Dakota’s ethanol industry. South Dakota is the fourth largest production state of ethanol, but we only rank 22nd in E15 retail sales. In South Dakota, 64 percent of the corn we grow is used for ethanol production, supporting 11,000 family farms and 30,000 jobs. 


SJR 501 was introduced again this year with Rep. Tony Venhuizen of Sioux Falls. SJR 501 would ask voters in the November General Election if the State’s Medicaid program should have the option to consider a work requirement to receive those benefits. 


The Legislature will likely consider around 500 pieces of legislation this year along with numerous appointments to state agencies and boards. Today is Legislative Day 6 of 38 scheduled days.