Burn bans in effect in Miner and Brookings counties

A couple of area counties have put burn bans into effect.

The Miner County Board of Commissioners put it’s burn ban into effect on Tuesday.  All open burning of any substance is prohibited within any or all of the unincorporated area of Miner County until the ban has been rescinded by the commission.  Violators of Miner County’s burn ban ordinance could face a maximum penalty of thirty days in jail and a two-hundred dollar fine. 

The Brookings County Commission also passed a burn ban on Tuesday.  The resolution in Brookings County states that a fire emergency is declared and all open burning without a permit is prohibited.  It also says that the resolution is necessary for “the immediate preservation of public safety.”  Recreational fires in backyard fire pits are still allowed.  The ban is in effect in Brookings County until it is rescinded by the commission.