Building Explosion Near the Broadwater

On Saturday night a building near the Broadwater exploded. No one was harmed from the explosion as the building was unoccupied.

Kurt Christiansen with the Madison Fire Department said that the gas company and other departments were on the scene of the incident, though some departments were pulled off because there was no fire. The gas and power were both turned off. 

The structures that saw some damage were the houses on either side of the building. 

The explosion is still under investigation, but when more information is released we will have that online at 

The Madison Fire Department also sent out a reminder to make sure resident’s gas meters are free of snow. 

If the gas meter for your home is covered in snow it is not safe to occupy, so the department says to be, “Vigilant and help out your elderly neighbors or those who may not have the ability to clear the snow from their gas meters.”