Brookings woman sentenced on two felony charges in Lake County

A Brookings woman has been sentenced in Lake County after pleading guilty to a charge of Attempted Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.  31-year-old Sara Spier of Brookings was sentenced this week in Lake County Circuit Court on the felony charge, which stems from an incident in December of 2019.  Circuit Judge Pat Pardy sentenced Spier to serve five years in the state penitentiary on the charge, but suspended two years of the sentence based on several conditions.  Some of the conditions include that Spier pay fine, costs, and restitution totaling just more than 950-dollars, and reimburse Lake County for the cost of her court appointed attorney’s fees.  

Spier was also sentenced this week on a felony charge of Intentionally Causing Contact with Bodily Fluids or Waste.  This charge stems from an incident in October of 2019.  On that charge, Judge Pardy sentenced Spier to serve two years in the state penitentiary.  The judge suspended the penitentiary sentence on several conditions, some of which include that Spier pay fine, costs, and restitution of more than one-thousand dollars, as well as re-pay her court appointed attorney’s fees.  This sentence is to run concurrent to Spier’s previous sentence. 

Judge Pardy also sentenced Spier this week on two misdemeanor counts of violations of a protection order from February of this year.  On these charges, the judge sentenced Spier to serve 50 days in the county jail, with credit for 50 days served, and waived any fine or court costs.