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Administration proposes $9.22 Million for Lewis & Clark Regional Water System in FY22 budget

The Lewis and Clark Regional Water System will receive more than nine-million dollars in federal money to continue construction of the project. The Administration’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget released this past week includes $9.22 million for the project.  This is an increase in the funding proposed in recent years and is the highest level since fifteen-million dollars was proposed in Fiscal Year 2008.

Lewis and Clark Executive Director Troy Larson said that the proposed funding is a starting point.  He said that the project’s tri-state Congressional delegation has always worked hard to secure additional funding for the Bureau of Reclamation’s Rural Water program through the appropriations process. The project received a total of $17.5 million dollars in Fiscal Year-21 and $18 million dollars in Fiscal Year-20.

Based on the funding approved through FY-21, Lewis and Clark has the ability to complete approximately 86-percent of the construction.  FY-22 funding will be used for construction of infrastructure between Hull and Sheldon in Iowa, as well as to complete the design and secure easements for the Sibley, Iowa service line. 

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