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Active COVID-19 cases decrease statewide; state officials warn of fall resurgence

Active cases of COVID-19 continue to decrease in the state.  The state Department of Health reported Wednesday ten new positive coronavirus cases, with 170 active cases at this time.  The state reported no new virus-related deaths and 28 people currently hospitalized. 

Lake County reported four active COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday with minimal community spread.  McCook, Moody, and Brookings counties also are listed in the minimal community spread category, with the most active cases being in Brookings County where seven were reported as of yesterday.  Miner and Kingsbury counties are listed as having no community spread of COVID-19 at this time. 

The state reported that 51-percent of those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine had done so as of Wednesday, and 56-percent had received at least one dose.  


(AP) — South Dakota health officials warned that despite coronavirus cases declining to the lowest rates since the early days of the pandemic, the state could see a resurgence of the virus in the fall if not enough people are vaccinated against COVID-19. State epidemiologist Josh Clayton says that the coronavirus is a respiratory virus, meaning there is a risk of a resurgence when people gather indoors as the weather cools. South Dakota reported just 10 new cases Wednesday, but Clayton says there is still a risk of a fall resurgence if not enough people are vaccinated. But vaccination rates have slowed in recent weeks.


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