AAA Xmas Drivers

AAA South Dakota anticipates it will respond to more than 1,800 calls for emergency roadside assistance from stranded motorists throughout the state during the year-end holiday period, as 343,000 South Dakotans drive to their holiday destination. 


Nationwide, AAA anticipates it will come to the aid of more than 937,000 stranded motorists during the year-end holiday period, as 103.6 million holiday travelers choose to take to the roadways for their holiday travel plans.


AAA reminds drivers that preparation is key. In the event of a breakdown, knowing who you are going to call for assistance and having the necessary items on hand to stay warm and safe while waiting for help to arrive can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a potentially life-threatening situation.


Before hitting the road, AAA is reminding drivers to make sure their cellphones are fully charged and that they have a fully stocked winter emergency kit on hand.