City Talks with County about the Proposed Restricted Use Site

One of the major topics of discussion at Tuesday’s Lake County Commission meeting was the new Restricted Use Site (RUS)  proposed by the City of Madison. City Administrator Jameson Berreth and Mayor Roy Lindsay appeared before the Lake County Commission regarding the site.  Berreth explained more about the proposed Restricted Use Site.

Not everyone was on board with the new Restricted Use Site. Some concerns that people brought forward were potential water contamination, potential trash overflow beyond the property, decreases in nearby property value & road quality decrease. Patricia Schafer talked about some issues that she has with the proposed location of the site. 


Madison Mayor Roy Lindsay says there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to the location of the new Restricted Use Site.

Ultimately the Lake County Commission decided to postpone their final decision on the Restricted Use Site and wished to talk more about some certain factors such as proper fencing and a potential Road Hall Agreement between the City and the County. The next Lake County Commission meeting will be on Tuesday September 5th at 9:00 am in the Lake County Commission room in the Lake County Courthouse.