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Madison City Commission to continue video conferencing for meetings

The Madison City Commission will continue to hold its meetings utilizing video conferencing.  During their meeting Monday, commissioners discussed whether or not to continue with the meeting process they have been using for the past few months.  Mayor Marshall Dennert said he would like to see commissioners return to completely face-to-face meetings again.

Dennert said that there could be phone conferencing available if a commissioner isn’t able to be at the meeting.

Commissioner Bob Thill also said he would like to have meetings in person again.

Commissioner Adam Shaw said he thinks the video conferencing option should still be utilized.  

City Attorney David Jencks said that commissioners are not bound long-term to the video conferencing for their meetings.  He said it’s something that can be changed at any time.  

Commissioners Monday unanimously approved video conferencing capabilities for their meetings for the time being.  


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