Lake Co. Commission canvasses Brant Lake incorporation vote

The Lake County Commission canvassed the votes from the Brant Lake Municipal Incorporation election during its regular meeting on Tuesday.  Voters went to the polls last week to determine if Brant Lake should be incorporated into its own municipality.  Voters approved the incorporation by a vote of 61-to-9.

Mike Wagner, a Brant Lake resident, talked with commissioners about working with the county for the next several months while different processes are put into place.



Wagner said the most recent precedent is Piedmont, who worked with Meade County on its process.  He said that once the town board is elected, then the town will also need to adopt planning and zoning regulations.  Wagner asked that the county continue to help with building permits and other zoning issues until that point.



Wagner said he thought Brant Lake would have a town board elected and seated by June or July.

Commission Chair Scott Pedersen asked State’s Attorney Manny deCastro to take a look at the new town’s articles of incorporation and other issues involved with getting it set up and going, and then report back to the commission.