Lake Area Recovery Network to start taking applications for some key needs

The Board of Directors of the Lake Area Recovery Network held a meeting on Thursday and identified three key needs that they will start taking applications for assistance for.  

The Lake Area Recovery Network will consider applications for assistance now from individuals who need sump pumps, either with or without hoses, dehumidifiers, and up to two box fans.

The LARN Board decided to operate the organization through the Interlakes Community Action Partnership (or ICAP) agency.  Anyone wanting to make an application to the Lake Area Recovery Network for one of these items should contact ICAP at 256-6518, Extension 0.  The receptionist will direct the caller to the staff person who is accepting the LARN applications, and then individuals will be asked to set up an appointment in order to complete the one-page application. 

The LARN advisory board will serve as the unmet needs committee which will approve all applications for assistance. Each application is reviewed by the unmet needs committee on an anonymous basis.   Once approved, a voucher will be given to the applicant, which will be valid at designated local businesses. The Lake Area Recovery Network will reimburse the business for the item(s) that were purchased through the program.  

Jim Iverson, President of the LARN Advisory Board, said that these items are just the beginning of how the group will assist residents.  He said that some unmet needs that the Board will consider as time moves on could include winter clothing, counseling needs, washer and dryer motors or repairs, Christmas decorations, and more.  

The Board of the Lake Area Recovery Network is also expressing it’s sincere thanks to all those who have financially supported the organization and its mission so quickly in the initial aftermath of the flooding that occurred in Madison and throughout area counties.