Kirsti Meyer

I came into the race for school board to be of help and of service to our community. As I am still learning the needs of the school and our community my top three objectives are a work in progress. Even so, I feel that I can be a help by being attentive to the concerns of the parents, students, faculty, and staff. Maintaining the school board’s past efforts to be fiscally responsible to the community. Maintain open and working relationships between the school district and invested community members and groups.

I have six children and they keep me on my toes. They are involved in a variety of interests from academia, to the arts, and sports. We are active in our church. I’ve held leadership and teaching positions in our church in Madison for the past 15 years. Our family is part of the Scouting organization and I currently help the Cub Scouts as the committee chair and the Girl Scouts as their treasurer. I received my BSN from SDSU and for the past 4 years I’ve worked as a nurse in our community. I am invested and involved in the Madison community.