Update on flooding in Madison

Another 3-to-5 inches of rain fell overnight, causing a major flooding event in Madison and Lake County.  Rainfall total for the last 48 hours in the area are at around 10-to-11 inches or more.

NO TRAVEL IS ADVISED in the city of Madison or Lake County.  Because of the large number of roads under water, the city and the county do not have enough barricades so not all roads that are under water may be marked.  Do not go around barricades if you see them.  Water is over the road on most routes in and out of Madison, including Highways 34, 19, and 81.

The state Department of Transportation has closed Highway 81 north of Madison, Highway 34 west of Madison, and Highway 19 at Marr’s Beach.  Highway 34 east of Madison is open to Interstate 29, with water up to the shoulders of the road in places.

Emergency responders have been evacuating people throughout the night and this morning in Madison.  The downtown Madison City Armory is open and available as an emergency shelter for anyone needing a dry place to stay.

Due to the overload of water at the treatment plants, Madison city residents are asked to curtail the use of water & the sanitary sewer system until water recedes.  The city of Ramona would like people to limit water usage also.

There is no school today in Madison Central, Madison Christian, or St. Thomas schools because of the flooding.  Also no school in Rutland, Oldham-Ramona, Chester, Howard, Montrose, and Flandreau School Districts.  Click here for a list of all cancellations and postponements.

There was a power outage within the city of Madison for around two hours this morning.  A link to a map of the power outages and information in the city of Madison can be found here.

People are encouraged to use 911 for emergencies only so that Lake County Communications can prioritize the response for those in need of emergency services.