KJAM/Community Center Fitness Challenge

Final Weigh-ins must be done by Friday, March 1st (8 week fitness challenge)

How do Teams Register?

Fitness Challenge Registration Forms are available at the Front Desk of the Community Center or download Fitness Challenge Registration Form.

How does the Fitness Challenge Work?

Participants sign-up on two person teams either in the Significant other or Mix Division. Each week participants do a confidential weigh-in using the scale at the fitness desk.  Participants file their results on slips of paper & place them in a drop box by the scale.  Participants weigh themselves in. (honor system).

Fitness challenge teams will be assigned a Fitness Mentor as a team leader.  Team Leaders will help monitor team progress, will be available for assistance, and be your contact person for scheduling Community Center services.


Percentage (%) of weight loss – USED TO DETERMINE WINNER OF EACH DIVISION

The team that loses the highest percentage of their beginning weight will be considered the winner.  For example: team A total pounds is 400 and loses 80 pounds or 80/400 = 20%.  Team B total pounds is 500 and they lose 80 pounds or 80/500 = 16%.  Every team will be entered into the Weight Loss Challenge.

We Dare or Double Dare you Challenge

Spin the workout wheel, which will feature a variety of new workouts. Every time you complete a workout dare you’ll be entered in a weekly award drawing, plus the grand prize drawing for a $1,000 Montgomery Gift Card!

PRICING (Per Participant)

  • Training Members – Receive free entry into the Fitness Challenge
  • Base Members – Free entry into the Weight Loss Challenge, and $30 for the Training Challenge. The training challenge includes 3 training appointments per month, Cycle & Circuit 30 classes, CrossEdge training at no cost and CC-Water Bottle
  • Non-Members – Pay $80 for Training Challenge, which includes weight loss challenge, plus training challenge benefits, plus two month membership to the CC.

Can Non-Members Participate in Fitness Challenge?

Yes, this is a community wide challenge.  Members and Non-members weigh-in at the CC.

Can Non-Members exercise at The Community Center at no Cost?

  • Weight Loss Challenge Participants – No, non-members can weigh-in only
  • Training Challenge – Yes, the training challenge includes two month membership