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Bulldog Math

Bulldog Math is back for every Bulldog Football ROAD game!

Bulldog Math is brought to you by Classic Corner!

Each morning, listen to Dakota’s Best AM 1390 for a new Bulldog Math equation!

Take the names in our Bulldog Math question, and substitute the players’ jersey numbers. Then tell us the Bulldog Math answer for a chance to win pizza and pop from Classic Corner. E-mail your answer to [email protected] or call KJAM at 256-4514. Make sure you include your name and phone number where we can get a hold of you when you win!   Of all the correct responses, KJAM will have a random drawing Friday morning at 10:00 am.

Today’s question: Ammon Hawks ÷ Brock Minnaert=?

So get your Bulldog programs out for your chance to play and win Bulldog Math!!

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