City sets hearing date for sidewalk projects’ assessment rolls

The Madison City Commission on Monday approved resolutions regarding the assessment rolls for sidewalk improvement and sidewalk repair improvement projects for 2018.  During their meeting on Monday, commissioners approved two resolutions, setting the date for public hearing on the different assessment rolls for September 30th.  

City Engineer Chad Comes said that one of the resolutions includes the assessment roll for the city’s 2018 sidewalk improvement project.  He said that there was one property owner who had sidewalk completed by the city’s contractor. City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers said that one property owner will be assessed for the just more than 41-hundred dollars for the sidewalk construction.  She said that the assessments are divided into five equal annual installments, with an annual interest of eight-point-two-five-percent.  

The second resolution includes the assessment roll for the city’s 2018 sidewalk repair project.  Comes said the work was done by the city’s contractor on sixteen different properties for work that was inspected in 2017 and was to be completed in 2018.  Eimers said that the total amount assessed as part of the second resolution is close to 12-thousand-400-dollars.