City and LAIC applying for grant funds for infrastructure improvements in industrial park

The City of Madison and the Lake Area Improvement Corporation are both applying for grant funding to assist in improvements that will need to be made to the Lakeview Industrial Park for the proposed trū Shrimp project.  Madison City Commissioners Monday authorized Mayor Roy Lindsay to sign a letter of support for a grant application through the Economic Development Administration Public Works program. The city will be a co-applicant for the grant with the LAIC.  

LAIC Executive Director Eric Fosheim said both entities are looking at having to invest a large amount of money to make necessary infrastructure improvements in the Industrial Park for the trū Shrimp project.  

Fosheim said the total cost of the necessary infrastructure improvements for both the city and LAIC could be more than six million dollars.

Fosheim said that they are making the grant application for the funding now, but neither the city or the LAIC will incur any of these costs until they know that the trū Shrimp project is moving forward.

Utilities Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said he thinks applying for the grant funding is a good idea.

trū Shrimp announced in January it’s plans to build it’s first shrimp production facility in the Lakeview Industrial Park in Madison.