City acknowledges plans for North Egan Avenue properties

The Madison City Commission has acknowledged a letter from the state Historical Society and construction building permit application materials for two properties located in the 700 block of North Egan Avenue in Madison, within the city’s Historical District.  City Engineer Chad Comes told commissioners during their meeting Monday that the properties at 705 and 709 North Egan Avenue had been re-platted and split into two separate parcels. He said that Opel Properties of Brookings, the owner of the properties, and the contractor, Brookings Built Green, have submitted building permit application materials for the two parcels in order to build two new duplex structures.  Comes explained what is being proposed to be built in each of the new buildings. 

Comes said that each of the structures could house up to 12 people, but since they are considered as two family dwellings within each structure, the city would only require two parking stalls per dwelling.  That, Comes said, would make the requirement only four parking stalls, but he said that the developer is proposing eight parking stalls.  

Duston Hendrickson with Brookings Built Green told commissioners that they worked directly with the state Historical Preservation Office in designing the properties.  He said that the buildings are actually smaller than they had originally proposed.   

Hendrickson said that all of the parking for the buildings will be in the back, and he said he is not opposed to adding more parking if it worked with the city.  

City Attorney David Jencks told commissioners that the only action they were taking last evening was to acknowledge receiving the materials and information, and that the city’s zoning officials will then continue with it from there.