The Big East All-Conference teams for boys and girls basketball were released this morning.

In girls basketball, headlining the First Team was Flandreau’s Claire Sheppard and Maria Parsley. Earning spots on the Second Team were McCook Central/Montrose’s Ashtyn Wobig and Chester Area’s Emmerson Eppard and Emery Larson. MCM’s Michaela McCormick and Flandreau’s Bella Pavlis were put on the Third Team. Honorable Mentions include Chester Area’s Kaylor Geraets, Flandreau’s Lily Klein and Lizzie Pavlis, and MCM’s Aubree Kranz and Brandy Pulse.

In boys basketball, on the First Team is Flandreau’s Tash Lunday and Chase LeBrun. Chester Area’s Stratton Eppard and McCook Central/Montrose’s Cody Miles were selected to the Second Team. Earning a spot on the Third Team was Liam Streitz of Flandreau. Honorable Mentions include Chester Area’s Ashton Olivier and Brock Wages, Flandreau’s Alex Anderson, and MCM’s Boston Katzer and Gavin Gordon.

Here are the full teams:


1st Team

SO Claire Sheppard, Flandreau

SR Jaelyn Benson, Garretson

FR Isabelle Bloker, Sioux Valley

SR Reagan Johnson, Sioux Valley

SR Maria Parsley, Flandreau

2nd Team

SR Ashtyn Wobig, McCook Central/Montrose

JR Logan Bly, Garretson

8th Emmerson Eppard, Chester Area

8th Emery Larson, Chester Area

SR Lily Ranschau, Garretson

3rd Team

JR Michaela McCormick, McCook Central/Montrose

SR Bella Pavlis, Flandreau

SR Alexis Even, Parker

SR Berklee Erickson, Baltic

JR Adyson Hansen, Beresford

Honorable Mention

SR Sami Polzin, Baltic

SR Cami Artz, Baltic

SR Kara Niles, Beresford

8th Ella Merriman, Beresford

JR Kaylor Geraets, Chester Area

SO Lily Klein, Flandreau

SO Lizzie Pavlis, Flandreau

SR Mya Long, Garretson

JR Ana Jones, Garretson

JR Aubree Kranz, McCook Central/Montrose

JR Brandy Pulse, McCook Central/Montrose

SR Ellie Travnicek, Parker

JR Janae Olson, Parker

JR Ashley Bjerke, Sioux Valley

JR Julia Schneider, Sioux Valley


1st Team

SR Tash Lunday, Flandreau

JR Oliver Vincent, Sioux Valley

SR Carter Robertson, Parker

SR Hayden Ruesink, Sioux Valley

SR Chase LeBrun, Flandreau

JR Cooper Long, Garretson

2nd Team

JR Tate Van Otterloo, Beresford

SR Stratton Eppard, Chester Area

SO Alec Squires, Sioux Valley

SR Davin Fuller, Parker

SR Cody Miles, McCook Central/Montrose

3rd Team

SR Dylan Kindt, Garretson

SR Parker Puetz, Sioux Valley

SR Liam Streitz, Flandreau

SR Corbin Wirkus, Baltic

SO Rhett Kloth, Garretson

Honorable Mention

SO Mark Ditter, Baltic

SO Andrew Atwood, Beresford

SR Ashton Tjaden, Beresford

SR Ashton Olivier, Chester Area

SR Brock Wages, Chester Area

SR Alex Anderson, Flandreau

SR Cadyn Ockenga, Garretson

JR Sam Schleuter, Garretson

FR Boston Katzer, McCook Central/Montrose

SR Gavin Gordon, McCook Central/Montrose

SR Jaivyn DeBoer, Parker

SR Landri Holzwarth, Parker

SR Damian Danzeisen, Sioux Valley