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2022 Cornbelt League

Brought to you by: T&R Electric, Dell Rapids Lumber, Central State Manufacturing, Schwebach Insurance, Landis Ag Sales, Madison Regional Health System, 1st Dakota Bank of Salem, Canova Service Center, Jakes Corner, Coffee Cup, Friendly’s Fuel Stop, Bob’s Electric, Kundert Williams Insurance, Stadiums Sports Grill, Kinzley Funeral Home, Luden’s Inc, Blue Jay’s, Patriot Electric, Dave & Company Real-estate, Salem Body Shop, Reliabank, T&C Pit Stop

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Sunday May 15th

H-H Gamecocks 11, Madison 4

Dell Rapids PBR 5 @ H-H Wood Ducks 2

Dell Rapids Mudcats 7, Colman 5

Canova 5, Lennox 4

Flandreau 13, Salem 3


Thursday May 19th 

 Dell Rapids Mudcats 7, H-H Gamecocks 2

Colman @ H-H Wood Ducks (Colman won, no score report)

Madison 9, Canova 5

Lennox 7, Salem 6

Flandreau 13, Dells PBR 3


Sunday May 22nd 

 H-H Gamecocks 6, Canova 5

 Dell Rapids Mudcats 12, H-H Wood Ducks 2

Salem @ Madison Postponed

Flandreau 11, Colman 2

 Lennox 10, Dells PBR 9


Thursday May 26th

H-H Gamecocks vs. H-H Wood Ducks 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Flandreau 7:30pm

Dell Rapids PBR @ Madison 7:30pm

Canova @ Salem 7:30pm

Lennox @ Colman


Thursday June 2nd

Salem @ H-H Gamecocks 7:30pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Flandreau 7:30pm

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Lennox 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Colman @ Madison 7:30pm

Canova @ Dell Rapids PBR 7:30pm


Sunday June 5th

Flandreau @ H-H Gamecocks  5pm

Lennox @ H-H Wood Ducks 2pm

Madison @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 5pm

Colman @ Canova 2pm

Dell Rapids PBR @ Salem 2pm- (AM 1390)


Tuesday June 7th

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ H-H Gamecocks 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

H-H Wood Ducks @ Colman 7:30pm

Canova @ Madison 7:30pm

Lennox @ Salem 7:30pm

Flandreau @ Dells PBR


Thursday June 9th

H-H Gamecocks @ Dell Rapids PBR 7:30pm

Madison @ H-H Wood Ducks 7:30pm

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Canova 7:30

Salem @ Colman 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Flandreau @ Lennox


Sunday June 12th

H-H Gamecocks @ Lennox Alpacas 5pm

Canova @ H-H Wood Ducks 5pm

Salem @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 5pm

Madison @ Flandreau 5pm- (AM 1390)

Dells PBR @ Colman 2pm


Thursday June 16th

H-H Gamecocks @ Flandreau 7:30pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Lennox 7:30pm

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Madison 7:30pm

Canova @ Colman 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Salem @ Dell Rapids PBR 7:30pm


June 17-19 Cornbelt vs. Sunshine Showdown 


Thursday June 23rd

H-H Gamecocks @ Colman 7:30pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Salem 7:30pm

Lennox @ Madison 7:30pm

Canova @ Flandreau 7:30pm


Friday June 24

DR PBR @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 8pm- (FM 103.1)


Sunday June 26th

H-H Gamecocks @ Salem 2pm- (AM 1390)

Flandreau @ H-H Wood Ducks 5pm

Lennox @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 5pm

Madison @ Colman 5pm

Dell Rapids PBR @ Canova 2pm


Thursday June 30th

H-H Gamecocks @ Madison 7:30pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Dell Rapids PBR 7:30

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Colman 7:30pm

Lennox @ Canova 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Flandreau @ Salem 7:30pm


Tuesday July 5th 

H-H Gamecocks @ Canova 7:30pm

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ H-H Wood Ducks 7:30pm

Madison @ Salem 7:30pm

Colman @ Flandreau 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Lennox @ Dells PBR 7:30pm


Thursday July 7

Flandreau @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)

Madison @ Dell Rapids PBR 7:30pm

Salem @ Canova 7:30pm

Colman @ Lennox 7:30pm


Friday July 8th 

H-H Gamecocks @ H-H Wood Ducks 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)


Sunday July 10th

Dell Rapids PBR @ H-H Gamecocks 5pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Madison 2pm- (AM 1390)

Colman @ Salem 7:30

Canova @ Dell Rapids Mudcats 5pm

Lennox @ Flandreau 5pm


Thursday July 14th

Lennox @ H-H Gamecocks  7:30pm

H-H Wood Ducks @ Canova 7:30

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Salem 7:30pm

Flandreau @ Madison 7:30pm

Colman @ Dells PBR 7:30pm- (FM 103.1)


Sunday July 17th  

Colman @ H-H Gamecocks 5pm

Salem @ H-H Wood Ducks 2pm

Dell Rapids Mudcats @ Dells PBR 5pm

Madison @ Lennox 5pm- (AM 1390)

Flandreau @ Canova 5pm


July 22-30 District in Dell Rapids


August 3-14 State in Mitchell

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