City approves liquor license renewals; 2019 salary resolution

The Madison City Commission recently approved the renewal of the city’s liquor and wine licenses.  City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers told commissioners during their meeting on Monday that there had been no issues with any of the license holders.  Commissioners approved the renewal of 20 liquor and wine licenses in the city for 2019. Eimers said there will be one more to come before the commission before the end of the year.  

Also during their meeting on Monday, commissioners approved the salary resolution for city employees for the next year.  Eimers explained to commissioners the adjustments made to the city employees’ salaries for 2019.

Commissioners approved the salary resolution, but excluded a portion of it for the time being as the city continues its negotiations with both the Teamsters and IBEW unions.

Eimers said the resolution also included a couple of new full-time positions that commissioners had approved during their 2019 budget discussion.  She said that a GIS and Project Engineer and a Distribution and Collection Operator One were added to the resolution.