City approves agreement with Verizon for 5G wireless technology

An agreement that will help technologically benefit both people and businesses in Madison in the future has been approved by the Madison City Commission.  Commissioners on Monday approved a master license agreement with Verizon Wireless in order to allow for the development of infrastructure for 5G wireless technology in the city.

Commissioner Mike Waldner said the technology will not only benefit anyone with a cell phone or connected device, but it will especially help entice businesses and economic development for the city.



Waldner said that this ten-year agreement will allow Verizon to work with the city’s Utilities Department and commissioner to determine pole locations and design, instead of having to come back to the commission for approval.  He said that Dakota State University will also be involved in the process.


Waldner said that this is a rare and huge milestone for the city to become a model city for 5G technology.


DSU President Dr. José-Marie Griffiths told city commissioners Monday that 5G does not replace the 4G infrastructure that is in place.  She said that 5G service will improve many areas within the city, including education, health care, agriculture, vehicles, and engineering, and will provide great opportunities for Dakota State.



Waldner said that Verizon is not the only company that the city is looking to have this type of agreement with.  He said he anticipates a similar agreement soon with AT&T, and it will be available for other companies as well.