U.S. House candidate Johnson campaigns in Madison

With less than a month to go before the November general election, candidates for statewide office are busy campaigning across the state.  U.S. House candidate Dusty Johnson, a republican, visited Madison this week.  Johnson joins democratic candidate Tim Bjorkman, Independent candidate Ron Wieczorek, and Libertarian candidate George Hendrickson on the general election ballot.

Johnson said he supports the value of work.


Johnson said if elected he will do what he can to support agriculture – the state’s leading industry – by trying to get a seat on the agriculture committee.


Johnson said that President Trump’s decision to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to remove federal rules on E15 gasoline is a good thing for the state’s farmers and consumers.  He said that having E15 available year-round gives drivers an affordable option at the pump and increases demand for South Dakota corn all year long.

The general election is coming up on November 6th.  The deadline to get registered to vote in this year’s election is October 22nd.