Madison Central School Board approves nursing services contract

The Madison Central School Board has approved a contract for nursing services with Madison Regional Health System.

Superintendent Joel Jorgenson told board members during their meeting on Monday that this has become a needed service, especially in the district’s elementary school.


Jorgenson said the elementary school has nearly 50 different health or medical plans for students currently, and having a nurse available will help out the current staff.



Elementary principal Janel Guse told the board that it’s especially a benefit to the students who need the nursing services.



Jorgenson said that the contract with Madison Regional Health provides for a nurse for five hours a day, from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  He said that the contracted services will cost the district $39.75 an hour, and that Madison Regional Health will provide the person in the position with any additional equipment that is needed to serve the students.  Jorgenson said the nursing services will be available for all of the schools in the district, but this position will primarily be located in the elementary school because that is where there is the highest need.

Jorgenson said with the board’s approval of the contract, Madison Regional Health will start the process of getting someone hired for the nursing position for the district.