City holds first reading on 2019 budget

The Madison City Commission held first reading of the city’s 2019 budget ordinance during its meeting on Monday.  According to the ordinance, the city’s total appropriations and accumulations for 2019 total close to 31-and-a-half-million dollars.  The largest fund within that total is the Electric Fund with total appropriations of just more than ten-point-seven-million dollars for 2019, followed by the city’s general fund with a total of just under ten-point-seven-million dollars.

Commissioners met for a special meeting on Friday to discuss the 2019 budget before Monday’s regular meeting.  During that meeting, City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers pointed out that the total amount for the city’s airport parallel taxiway construction – close to three-point-six-million dollars – is included in the budget for next year.  But, she said, that the city will be reimbursed for 90-percent of the project from the federal government, and five-percent from the state.  Also during that Friday meeting, commissioners discussed the different capital outlay and special project expenses that the city’s departments had requested for the 2019 budget.  Some of the larger capital outlay items within the city’s Highways and Streets department include the purchase of a street sweeper and snow blower, and a stumper within the city’s Parks and Recreation department.  The city’s water and electric departments’ budgets also include the purchase of pickups, as well as a digger within the electric department as well, along with several other items overall within the different departments.  Commissioners also plan to fund all of the outside agencies who receive funding from the city at the amounts that they requested for 2019.

During Monday’s commission meeting, Commissioner Bob Thill questioned the process that the commission has followed in discussing the city’s budget this year.

Commissioner Kelly Johnson said that the commission went about the budget process differently this year.

Utilities Director Brad Lawrence said that this year the city also worked on doing a cash analysis for next year’s budget.

Eimers said that commissioners reviewed all of the city departments’ “big-ticket” budget items during their meeting Friday.  She said that information about the different departments’ overall budgets are also posted on the city’s website.

Second reading of the city’s 2019 budget ordinance will be held during their regular meeting in two weeks.