Madison Central School Board adopts restraint and seclusion policy

The Madison Central School Board has adopted a new policy on the use of restraint and seclusion for students.  Superintendent Joel Jorgenson told the board during its meeting Monday that the policy is being put in place because state law requires it to be adopted by July 1st.  He said that the four-page policy was put together by the Associated School Boards of South Dakota for districts to use according to state law.  Jorgenson said at this time that the length of the policy concerns him.

Jorgenson said it is a good policy, but with as long as it is, it will be a hard one to follow in its current form.  Board member Lori Schultz asked about the training and professional development portion of the policy, which states that an appropriate number of personnel in each building are to be trained in crisis management and de-escalation techniques.  Jorgenson said that there has been some training done with some staff already, and at least one staff member is a trained trainer to help with staff in Madison and other districts as well.  He said that not all staff will need to be trained right now, but it may eventually come to that point.