State DOT presents Washington Avenue reconstruction plans

Next year will be a year of construction on Washington Avenue in Madison.  State Department of Transportation Area Engineer Travis Dressen met with Madison City Commissioners on Monday to give them an update on the plans for the reconstruction project, which will go from Northeast 2nd Street (by Subway) south to Southwest 10th Street (by Prostrollo’s), and then a little bit south of that intersection and to the east on Highway 34.

The action before commissioners was a Joint Powers Maintenance and Encroachment Agreement between the city and the state DOT.  Commissioners approved that agreement.

City Engineer Chad Comes explained to commissioners what the agreement includes.


Dressen explained the different phases of the project and what work needed to be done.

Dressen said that one phase of the project contains the most intense sanitary sewer work, so that section, which is from around Southeast 4th Street south to the Washington Plaza area, will have the entire road closed for 45 working days.  He said that local access will be provided as much as possible to the businesses in that area.  The remainder of the project, Dressen said, will be done on half of the road at a time so that traffic can still flow through the area.

Dressen said that bids for the Washington Avenue reconstruction project will be let in late September of this year, with most of the construction being done in 2019.  He said the project has a substantial completion date of November of 2019, but overall he doesn’t expect the project to be completely finished until June of 2020.

Any residents or business owners with concerns or questions about the project are encouraged to contact either Travis Dressen with the DOT or City Engineer Chad Comes.