Madison’s 24 youth wrestlers place at Region 4 Tournament, off to State

Over 500 wrestlers took to the mats on Saturday at the South Dakota Wrestling Coaches Association Region 4 Tournament in Madison. Numerous area youth wrestlers from ages 6-14 placed in the ‘Top 3’ and punched their tickets to State.

Madison Youth Wrestling will be sending 24 wrestlers to State ranging from the Tot to the Cadet levels, including Capri Johnson at the Girls A level. Dell Rapids has 18 wrestlers and Tri-Valley is sending 15 wrestlers to State. Chester secured 3 spots and Colman-Egan’s Westyn Pearson finished 2nd at the Midget 104 weight class.

Full results from the Region 4 Wrestling Tournament can be found with this story at The SDWCA State Tournament runs March 24th and 25th at the Sioux Falls Arena.



(Level, Weight) – Town, Name and Placement

Tots 37 – Tri-Valley’s Tucker Krcil 1st, Tri-Valley’s Camden Stoltenberg 2nd, Tri-Valley’s Connor Rombough 3rd

Tots 40 – Tri-Valley’s Brady Siemonsma 1st, DR’s Everett Boerboom 2nd

Tots 43 – Madison’s Braden Dorhout 3rd

Tots 49 – Flandreau’s Ryker Headrick 3rd

Tots 53 – Tri-Valley’s Callen Althoff 3rd

Tots HWT – Dell Rapids’ Oliver Ndeved 1st, Dell Rapids’ Seth Kelsey 2nd

Bantam 40 – Tri-Valley’s Brody Williams 2nd, Madison’s Maximus Aldana 3rd

Bantam 47 – Tri-Valley’s Sean King 1st, Dell Rapids’ Stetson Tebay 2nd, Dell Rapids’ Levi Iverson 3rd

Bantam 53 – Dell Rapids’ Legend Frederick 1st

Bantam 61 – Dell Rapids’ Keanu Lee 3rd

Bantam 65 – Tri-Valley’s Alexander McFarland 1st

Bantam 70 – Tri-Valley’s Elliot Powell 3rd

Bantam 91 – Madison Brady Martin 1st via bye

Bantam HWT – Dell Rapids’ Sawyer Nygard 3rd

Midgets 50 – Madison’s Charles Routley 1st, Kaysen Gust 2nd place

Midgets 53 – Madison’s Luke Johnson 2nd

Midgets 56 – Tri-Valley’s Owen Bunde 1st, Dell Rapids’ Camden Tebay 2nd

Midgets 59 – Chester’s Daniel Swenson

Midgets 67 – Tri-Valley’s Cole Hendrixson 2nd

Midgets 72 – Tri-Valley’s Brody Dybivg 1st, Tri-Valley’s Owen Effling 3rd

Midgets 77 – Dell Rapids’ Brechen Frederick 2nd

Midgets 89 – Madison’s Brody Dossett 2nd

Midgets 96 – Madison’s Brayden Willis 3rd

Midgets 104 – Colman-Egan’s Westyn Pearson 2nd

Midgets 113 – Madison’s Ashton Dorhout 1st

Midgets HWT – Madison’s Brennon Bickett 1st, Flandreau’s Tyton Peters 2nd, Dell Rapids’ Tanner Baatz 3rd

Novice 60 – Madison’s Wyatt Pickard 2nd, Madison’s Isiah Johnson 3rd

Novice 64 – Madison’s Gavin Schneider 3rd

Novice 68 – Madison’s Caleb Hodges 2nd

Novice 87 – Dell Rapids’ Jace Entringer 2nd

Novice 100 – Tri-Valley’s Landyn Reiser 3rd

Novice 108 – Madison’s Parker Noem 1st

Novice 117 – Flandreau’s Karter Headrick 2nd

Novice 127 – Dell Rapids’ Aiden Geraets 1st, Flandreau’s Thomas Loehr

Schoolboy 70 – Flandreau’s Dylan Christenson 2nd

Schoolboy 75 – Dell Rapids’ John Mortrude 1st

Schoolboy 80 – Flandreau’s Brayden Wiese 1st

Schoolboy 95 – Madison’s Isaac Henry 2nd, Madison’s Blake Johnson 3rd

Schoolboy 110 – Dell Rapids’ Tate Feucht 3rd

School boy 115 – Madison’s Tyler Whitlock 3rd

Schoolboy 120 – Madison’s Ethan Kruger 2nd, Chester’s Sage Ottoson

Schoolboy 125 – Madison’s Chase King 3rd

Schoolboy 140 – Chester’s Layne Hess 2nd, Madison’s Sutton Bern 3rd

Schoolboy 160 – Tri-Valley’s Isaac Nehlich 2nd

Schoolboy 180 – Flandreau’s Kolby Peters 3rd

Cadets 106 – Dell Rapids’ Andrew Weiland 1st via bye

Cadets 126 – Flandreau’s Tanner Christenson 3rd

Cadets 132 – Madison’s Riley Kearin 3rd

Cadets 138 – Flandreau’s Tathan Headrick 2nd, Dell Rapids’ Trevon Cross

Cadets 145 – Dell Rapids’ Brayden Gee 1st

Cadets 182 – Madison’s Tyler Reck 2nd

Cadets 220 – Flandreau’s Chase Reed 1st via bye


Girls A (Grades PreK-2nd) – Madison’s Capri Johnson 2nd