City adopts utility rate ordinances

The Madison City Commission adopted three ordinances establishing the city’s water and wastewater rates and charges, as well as refuse collection fees for 2018, during its regular meeting on Monday.  Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said the increase in the water rate should amount to around another one-dollar-12-cents per month for the average homeowner.

Madison resident George Lee asked commissioners about the balance of these different utilities’ funds, and City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers explained them.



Lee said he wondered where the money from the rate increases was going.


Mayor Roy Lindsay said that money from the electric fund is used to help fund the city’s parks department.


Lindsay also pointed out that there is not an increase in the city’s electric rates for 2018.

The ordinances establishing the rate increases for the city’s sewer and garbage were also approved by commissioners during Monday’s meeting.  The rate increases will go into effect in the city’s December utility bills that are payable in January of 2018.