County approves five-year transportation plan

The Lake County Commission approved the county’s five-year transportation plan during its meeting on Tuesday.  Commissioners met with Highway Superintendent Dave Fedeler Tuesday to discuss the plan, which followed an open house style public meeting on the plan that was held on Monday.

Fedeler told commissioners Tuesday that the plan includes the county’s plans for overlay, seal coating and fog sealing, and gravel surface roads, along with the county’s bridges.  The plan includes five miles of overlay for 2018 and 2019, and a range of four to just more than five miles of overlay in the years 2020 through 2022.  Fedeler said the overlay planned for next year would be in the northwest part of the county, including three miles on 223rd Street and around two miles on 445th Avenue just north of the Ramona road.


Fedeler said how much they are able to do each year will depend on how the bids for the project come in.

As far as the seal coating and fog sealing plan, Fedeler said that next year, close to 26 miles could be done, including the Nunda road (or 223rd Street east from Highway 81) and other shorter stretches around there, along with a few miles in the northwest and southwest areas of the county.  Fedeler said this isn’t as many miles as probably should be done in a year’s time.



Fedeler said the county’s biggest, and most expensive, concerns are it’s bridges.  He said that the county went from three bridges having to be posted with lower weight limits to seven in just two years.  He said there’s one area of concern in particular in the county.



Fedeler said that the county will apply for grants through the state’s grant system for three of the bridges, but he said that it is going to be a very competitive process.

The commission on Tuesday adopted the county’s five-year transportation plan, and approved a resolution that allows the plan to be sent on to the state Department of Transportation for its consideration.