County approves 2018 budget

The Lake County Commission approved the county’s 2018 budget and resolution during its meeting on Thursday.  The commission had delayed the vote on the budget from Tuesday’s regular meeting to Thursday’s special meeting because of additional changes that had to be made.  Commissioners Tuesday had discussed a more than 12-thousand dollar additional cut to the county’s Soil Conservation District, which was in addition to a cut of more than 20-thousand dollars that had already been included for them in the proposed budget.  Representatives from the Soil Conservation District attended Thursday’s meeting.  Carolyn Rudebusch explained to commissioners why they hadn’t appeared to discuss the cut to their budget sooner.


The Soil Conservation District had requested close to 70-thousand-700 dollars in funding from the county for 2018, but the commission had included 50-thousand dollars for them in the budget.  Commissioners Tuesday then suggested an additional 12-thousand-500 dollars be cut from their budget request.  Commissioner Roger Hageman said that it started with the county not receiving an annual report from the district, which is required by state law.


Hageman later said that he thought some money should be put back into the Soil Conservation District.

Rudebusch provided more of the Soil Conservation District’s budget information to commissioners Thursday, and one of the District’s Supervisors Craig Johannsen explained some of the projects that the district has been involved in.

Commissioner Deb Reinicke eventually made the motion to approve the county’s 2018 budget with the cuts included, and Commissioner Dennis Slaughter seconded the motion.  Slaughter said earlier that the county’s 2019 budget could include even more cuts as the county is going to need the money to repair its bridges and roads.  The budget was passed on a 3-2 vote, with Commissioners Hageman and Aaron Johnson casting the “nay” votes.

The county’s 2018 budget totals close to nine-point-two-million dollars.

The total taxes levied by the county for 2018 will total just more than four-million dollars.