City considers budget ordinance, adds purchase of building for Electric Department

The Madison City Commission held first reading of the city’s 2018 budget ordinance during its meeting on Monday.  According to the ordinance, the city’s total appropriations and accumulations for 2018 total close to 30-point-7-million dollars.  The largest fund within that total is the Electric Fund with a total budget of just more than 11-point-two-million dollars for 2018, followed by the general fund with a total budget of just more than seven-point-nine-million dollars.

City Finance Officer Jennifer Eimers said commissioners have been working with the city’s departments and held several sessions as a commission to help put together the 2018 budget.  She said one area was just added to the budget as of late Friday, and that’s 850-thousand dollars for the potential purchase of a building by the city’s Electric Department.

City Utilities Director Brad Lawrence explained the budget addition to commissioners.


Mayor Roy Lindsay said it is potentially a good plan for the city’s future.


As far as the overall total appropriations for 2018, Eimers said there are a number of reasons for that increase of more than seven million dollars over the current year’s budget.


Commissioner Jeremiah Corbin said that there is also no electric rate increase planned for 2018.

Commissioners approved first reading of the 2018 budget ordinance last evening.  Second reading of the ordinance will be held during the commission’s meeting in two weeks.