County Commission approves purchase of tactical weapons for Sheriff’s Office

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office will be adding some equipment for its deputies in the near future.  Sheriff Tim Walburg met with county commissioners earlier this week and discussed purchasing rifles or tactical weapons for the Sheriff’s Office.  Walburg said it is time for the deputies to have this type of equipment available to help in handling certain situations.

Walburg said that he had one of the deputies work with a vendor to obtain several quotes and proposals for the weapons.  He said some of the things they had to consider was the barrel length on the weapons, as well as the type of scopes and sights.  Walburg said that he also consulted with a couple of the deputies who have some military experience as well to help determine what is best to meet the Sheriff’s Office’s needs.

Walburg said the type of tactical weapon that the Sheriff’s Office wants to purchase is the F-N 15, which will cost 12-hundred dollars each.  He said the weapons come with a lifetime warranty on them.  Commission Chair Kelli Wollmann supported Walburg’s request.

Commissioners approved Walburg’s request to purchase six of the tactical weapons for the Sheriff’s Office.  Walburg said that he and the deputies will be trained and qualified in the use of the weapons.