Lake Co. Commission accepting letters of interest for commission vacancy

The Lake County Commission is planning to take action at its next meeting on appointing someone to fill the seat of Scott Pedersen, who passed away last month.  Commissioners Tuesday agreed to accept letters of interest from those interested in serving out Pedersen’s term on the commission.  Those letters are due by Wednesday, September 14th at 5:00 p.m.  As letters are received, Commission Administrative Officer Shelli Gust will schedule interviews for the applicants for Monday, September 19th.  Commissioners decided that those interviews will be conducted in executive session during a special meeting of the county commission on the 19th.  Of those candidates, three will be selected by commissioners to take part in a second round of interviews in open session during the commission’s regular meeting on Tuesday, September 20th and an appointment will be made.

Commissioners discussed Tuesday whether the first interviews should be conducted in executive or open session.  Commissioner Dan Bohl said he thought it was best to do closed session interviews first.

Auditor Bobbi Janke said that she didn’t see why all of the interviews couldn’t be held in open session.


Commissioner Ron Golden said that this was the protocol that the commission followed when he was originally appointed to his position, and he was in favor of it as well.

In the meantime Tuesday, commissioners also voted to appoint Janke as the 5th member of the commission to fill the vacancy on the board.  Gust said when there is an even number of county commissioners remaining on the board, the county auditor shall be called in and shall act as a member of the board to fill the vacancy.

Commissioners Tuesday also approved a resolution honoring Commissioner Pedersen.  Because Pedersen had served as the chairman of the commission, a new chairman had to be elected.  The commission elected Roger Hageman as chairman and Kelli Wollmann as vice-chairman of the commission for the remainder of the year.

More information on how to submit a letter can be found here.